Butter Braid® Brand Fundraising Products

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Braided Pastries

Tried and true, the Butter Braid brand has made quite a name for itself in the fundraising industry - a good name that is! Starting from a family recipe, the original Butter Braid braided pastries we all know and love continue to bring smiles to millions of faces each year. Still braided by hand and made with 100% real butter our quality has remained true throughout the changing times.



Pastry Rolls

(Only available in limited areas)

Though our quality has remained the same, we have some exciting changes taking place in our product lineup. Carried only in certain areas are Butter Braid pastry rolls! These delicious rolls are made from the same exquisite dough as our braided pastries. Each roll contains a specially made and blended filling, icing or glaze for a truly unique experience from flavor to flavor.