How to get MORE!

Are you hooked on Butter Braid products and need to get your hands on more?

We thought so.... Read below to find out how!

Since 2002, Butter Braid products have not been sold in stores. This has allowed our company to fulfill its mission of “Helping Others Help Themselves.”

For over 20 years, with the help of our network of local dealers, we have been able to help thousands of groups across the country raise over $110 million dollars!

So how can I get more?

OPTION #1: You can run a Butter Braid pastry fundraiser of your own!

If you are part of a non-profit group or organization or would like to raise money for a non-profit cause, you are more than welcome to contact your local Butter Braid pastry dealer through the find-a-dealer feature on our website to set up your own simple, successful fundraiser.

OPTION #2: You can recommend the Butter Braid pastry program as a fundraiser to a group!

Many groups or organizations are in need of quality fundraising ideas. Spread the word and share your experience with Butter Braid brand products with others who may be interested in an easy and profitable fundraising opportunity.

OPTION #3: You can contact your local Butter Braid pastry dealer to find out if there are any fundraisers running near you!

If options #1 and #2 are not feasible, you can contact your local dealer by using the find-a-dealer feature.

Please have patience if you choose this option, as our dealers are very busy servicing many fundraising groups that are running in numerous areas.

Your local dealer will work to be in contact with you as soon as possible. If a fundraiser is running - they will put you in touch with the group leader and you may purchase more products that way and have the opportunity to help out yet another group raise funds for worthwhile causes! Remember to stock up this time!

If you enter your zip code and no dealer comes up for your area please dial 1-888-460-6904 for further assistance.