Butter Braid® Braided Pastries


Butter Braid® pastries are made from sweet, yeasted pastry dough, are layered with 100% real butter and contain zero grams trans fat. This gives Butter Braid® pastries a flaky outside, and a tender, light and airy inside as each layer raises up before baking. As you take a bite of the One-And-Only Butter Braid® pastry, you will be biting into over 16 layers of warm goodness.


Each Butter Braid® pastry contains a mouthwatering filling such as tart apple, warm cinnamon or smooth cream cheese. These fillings are laid atop the dough and wrapped up as the caring makers of Butter Braid® pastries hand-braid the dough sealing in the filling. The Butter Braid pastries are then frozen to seal in the homemade flavor and freshness.

To top it all off, each Butter Braid® pastry comes with an icing packet to complement the filling inside. Drizzle it over the baked pastry and you have a breakfast, snack or dessert that will leave you (and your guests) begging for more!

Butter Braid® pastries come frozen, allowing you the choice of when to thaw, rise, bake and eat! You can watch as your pastry doubles in size and smell the irresistible aroma of the pastry as it bakes. We recommend that you share your pastry with others, but we won’t tell if you happen to keep it all to yourself!


Although changes are made to the Butter Braid® braided pastry flavor lineup, please be aware that not all flavors are available in all areas. Some flavors tend to be favored in certain locations over another and make sense to offer while others do not. Please contact your local Butter Braid® pastry dealer to find out what delicious flavors are carried in your area.

We do our best to keep our Butter Braid® braided pastries as healthy as possible, while maintaining a rich, homemade taste. All Butter Braid® braided pastries are made with 100% real butter and contain 0g trans fats. For those looking for more in depth information you will find it in our nutrition and ingredients section.

We are also pleased to provide you with an easy to make product that not only tastes homemade but looks that way too. We continue to braid our braided pastries by hand as done for over 20 years. Questions on preparing or handling Butter Braid® braided pastries can be found in the baking and handling section.